InsideTravel_Web allows operators to offer their customers ancillary products and services in Veneto and Tuscany such as tours, guided tours, excursions, transport, CitySightseeing trips, museum entries, skip-the-line access, public transport tickets and travel cards, all of which can be booked directly through their own website and/or official APP.

The InsideTravel_Web solution is designed to place an increased value on the operator's core proposal, since it complements the primary service with interesting products to enhance the end-user’s experience at the chosen tourist destination. It also creates an opportunity to obtain an additional revenue since it grants the operator a commission on each sale, varying according to the product sold, up to a maximum of 25%.

The InsideTravel_Web module is coordinated with the graphic design of the website or APP on which it is applied and can be adjusted according to the needs of the operators, who can choose which products to include and which to exclude among those available on our InsideTravelPortals ( and ).

The set up is completely free of charge and there is no fixed charge for maintenance. We do not ask the operator to implement any additional technological developments other than the insertion of a simple link on their website or APP. Furthermore, Insidecom itself will directly manage the entire online sales process through its own e-commerce platform, as well as dealing with the customer support and service and the real-time updates of product pages, with availability and prices, shifting the management burden away from the operator.

Who might be interested in the InsideTravel_Web module?

  • hoteliers and owners of other accommodation services;
  • companies managing tourist apartments;
  • websites and thematic and/or destination portals;
  • various types of companies that provide tourism services (e.g. wi-fi);
  • all other companies interested in selling tourist services in Veneto and Tuscany online.

Existing examples:

InsideTravel_Web Preview