At a time when expectations of customers and consumers are growing day by day, Insidecom wants to stand out by offering a new way to interact with its tourism products and services.

Our multimedia kiosks can easily be placed in hotel halls, shops, at stations or in other popular tourist places.

Elegant and interactive, they are touchscreen and offer a clear and functional interface that makes them practically usable to a wide user base. Our kiosks aim at improving customer experience and simplifying the purchasing process by enabling convenient payments via credit card. The back office system allows remote upload of content and update of prices, availability and information. Insidecom remains entirely in charge of sales management and customer service and the operator can choose which products to include and which to exclude from those available on our InsideTravelPortals ( and

The commission granted to the operator varies according to the product sold, up to a maximum of 25%.

The Kiosks’ layout can be branded and customized according to the operators’ needs with panels, apps, or other ad hoc media to improve visibility and communication effectiveness.

InsideTravel_Kiosk Preview