The InsideTravel_Desk module enables operators to book various services for their customers in complete independence, thanks to a convenient reserved area within our system.

The services that can be booked are those available on our InsideTravelPortals ( and, namely:

  • Skip-the-line access to St Mark’s Basilica in Venice;
  • entrance tickets to the main museums in Venice;
  • tours, guided visits, excursions, cooking classes and many other activities;
  • CitySightseeing hop-on hop-off tickets;
  • Tickets and travel cards for Venice public transport.

Reservations and purchases are made by the operator through a reserved area within our system. You can login in this area through your own username and password, which will be provided once the module has been activated. After paying and receiving the booking confirmation you can directly download the voucher (possibly co-branded) to be delivered to the customer.

It is possible to choose between direct payment by credit card or, after issuing a security deposit, by bank transfer following an invoice at the end of the month. In the first case  invoices can be alternatively issued to you or to the end customer.

The commission granted to the operator varies according to the product sold, up to a maximum of 25%.

The set up is completely free of charge and there is no fixed fee for maintenance.

Who might be interested in the InsideTravel_Desk module?

  • hoteliers and owners of other accommodation services that sell tourist services at the reception/concierge or that create multi-service bundles;
  • tour operators interested in increasing their range of products in Veneto and Tuscany;
  • any other company interested in the distribution of tourist services in the above-mentioned destinations.

InsideTravel_Desk Preview