B2C Projects

Insidecom has developed various b2b solutions for potential resellers of the services available on our InsideTravelPortals on a commission basis. Such tools allow the interested operators to expand their range of offers in order to make additional products and services available.

Each tool comprises a specific distribution method devised by Insidecom and can be activated either individually or simultaneously with the others according to the specific needs of each operator. The commission granted to operators on the retail price varies according to the product sold.

Thanks to our fully in-house development, we can provide direct services and personalized assistance, in line with your needs.

Listed below are the currently available solutions:

    • Our tourism products and services can be purchased directly by your customers from your APP or official website.

    • A reserved area in our system in which operators can make reservations in complete autonomy.

    • Multimedia kiosks for onsite sales to be placed in high tourist inflow areas.